Tatsuki Kuribayashi (栗林樹生)

  • Ph.D. student (Advisor: Prof. Kentaro Inui)
  • Inui-Suzuki Lab, Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University
  • Email: kuribayashi at ecei.tohoku.ac.jp
  • Address (office): Natural Language Processing Laboratory, 6-6-05 Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8579, Japan
  • Github



  • Takumi Ito, Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Hayato Kobayashi, Ana Brassard, Masato Hagiwara, Jun Suzuki, Kentaro Inui.
    "Assisting Authors to Convert Raw Products into Polished Prose."
    Journal of Cognitive Science, Vol.21, No.1, pp.99-135, 2020

(Refereed) International Conferences and Workshops

  • Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Takumi Ito, Jun Suzuki and Kentaro Inui.
    "Language Models as an Alternative Evaluator of Word Order Hypotheses: A Case Study in Japanese"
    In proceedings of the The 58th annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL-2020), pp. ?-?, 2020/07 (acceptance rate: ?/?=?%)
    [paper | arxiv | code]
  • Goro Kobayashi, Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Sho Yokoi, and Kentaro Inui.
    "Self-Attention is Not Only a Weight: Analyzing BERT with Vector Norms"
    In proceedings of Student Research Workshop at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL-SRW-2020 Non-archival), pp. ?-?, 2020/07 (acceptance rate: ?/?=?%)
    [arxiv (updated version)]
  • *Takumi Ito, *Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Hayato Kobayashi, Ana Brassard, Masato Hagiwara, Jun Suzuki and Kentaro Inui. (* equal contribution)
    "Diamonds in the Rough: Generating Fluent Sentences from Early-stage Drafts for Academic Writing Assistance".
    In Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Natural Language Generation (INLG 2019), pp. 40-53, 2019/10 (acceptance rate: 73/143=51.0%)
    [paper | arxiv | data]
  • Masato Hagiwara, Takumi Ito, Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Jun Suzuki, and Kentaro Inui.
    "TEASPN: Framework and Protocol for Integrated Writing Assistance Environments".
    In Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019) (accepted for system demonstrations track), pp. 229-234, 2019/11. (acceptance rate: ???/???=???%)
    [paper| arxiv | code]
  • Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Hiroki Ouchi, Naoya Inoue, Paul Reisert, Toshinori Miyoshi, Jun Suzuki, and Kentaro Inui.
    "An Empirical Study of Span Representations in Argumentation Structure Parsing".
    In Proceedings of the 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL-2019), pp. 4691-4698, 2019/07. (acceptance rate: 213/1163=18.2%)
    [paper | code]
  • Paul Reisert, Naoya Inoue, Tatsuki Kuribayashi, and Kentaro Inui.
    "Feasible Annotation Scheme for Capturing Policy Argument Reasoning using Argument Templates".
    In Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Argument Mining, pp.79-89, 2018/11. (acceptance rate: 18/32=56.3%)
    [paper | data]

Domestic Conferences

  • 栗林樹生, 伊藤拓海, 鈴木潤, 乾健太郎.
    言語処理学会第26回年次大会, pp., March 2020.
    [paper | slides]
  • 小林 悟郎, 栗林樹生, 横井 祥, 鈴木潤, 乾健太郎.
    言語処理学会第26回年次大会, pp., March 2020.
  • 大内 啓樹, 鈴木 潤, 小林 颯介, 横井 祥, 栗林樹生, 乾健太郎.
    言語処理学会第26回年次大会, pp., March 2020.
  • 大竹 孝樹, 横井 祥, 井之上 直也, 高橋 諒, 栗林樹生, 乾健太郎.
    言語処理学会第26回年次大会, pp., March 2020.
  • 伊藤拓海, 栗林樹生, 萩原正人, 鈴木潤, 乾健太郎.
    第14回NLP若手の会 シンポジウム (YANS), August 2019.
  • 小林悟郎, 栗林樹生, 横井祥, 鈴木潤, 乾健太郎.
    第14回NLP若手の会 シンポジウム (YANS), August 2019.
  • 栗林樹生, 大内啓樹, 井之直也, Paul Reisert, 三好利昇, 鈴木潤, 乾健太郎.
    言語処理学会第25回年次大会, pp.990-993, March 2019.
  • *栗林樹生, *伊藤拓海, 内山香, 鈴木潤, 乾健太郎.(* 第一著者と第二著者の貢献度は等しい.)
    言語処理学会第25回年次大会, pp.1053-1056, March 2019.
  • *伊藤拓海, *栗林樹生, 小林隼人, 鈴木潤, 乾健太郎.(* 第一著者と第二著者の貢献度は等しい.)
    言語処理学会第25回年次大会, pp.970-973, March 2019.
  • Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Paul Reisert, Naoya Inoue and Kentaro Inui.
    Towards Exploiting Argumentative Context for Argumentative Relation Identification.
    言語処理学会第24回年次大会, pp.284-287, March 2018.
  • Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Paul Reisert, Naoya Inoue, Kentaro Inui.
    Examining Macro-level Argumentative Structure Features for Argumentative Relation Identification.
    第4回自然言語処理シンポジウム・第234回自然言語処理研究会, 6pages, December 2017.


  • Langsmith Editor
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  • TEASPN (Text Editing Assistance Smartness Protocol for Natural Language)
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  • Apr.2018-Present.: Master's students of Information Science, Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University, Miyagi, Japan
  • Apr.2018-Present.: Graduate Program in Data Science, Tohoku University.
  • Apr.2014-Mar.2018: Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Information and Intelligent Systems, Tohoku University, Miyagi, Japan (Advisor: Prof. Kentaro Inui)


Teaching Assistant

  • Oct.2018-Mar.2019: Advanced Creative Engineering Training (Step-Qi school)


  • Secondary: ACL2019

Programming languages

  • Python (3 years)
  • Javascript, CSS, HTML (Not much)


  • Discourse processing
  • Natural language generation
  • Automatic writing assistance/readbility asessment
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Argumentation Mining
  • Other NLP fields...

Other activities